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May 31, 2009: Here are shots from the Brevard Tiki (Florida) pre-Hukilau Tiki Show & Tell party at George and Chris' house. View these photos as a gallery.

053109tikiparty01 053109tikiparty02 053109tikiparty03
The crowd at the party. Jeff, with skewer and lei Tiki Mike and "TikiMango" Ray
053109tikiparty04 053109tikiparty05 053109tikiparty06
"TikiMango" Ray's awesome art Kathryn and Jimi ("ruinthejimi") "TikiHardBop" George and Drew
053109tikiparty07 053109tikiparty08 053109tikiparty09
Christina and Joe, who thought we said "lion" shirt, not "Hawaiian" shirt, hence the stuffed tiger on the bar Tami looks on as "Retrotiki" Mike shows off his portable tiki bar "Retrotiki" Mike's awesome portable tiki bar (or shrine)
053109tikiparty10 053109tikiparty11 053109tikiparty12
Picture time Michael, Ray, Jimi and Kathryn Tiki Mike snaps pix
053109tikiparty13 053109tikiparty14 053109tikiparty15
"TikiHardBop" George and "TikiMango" Ray Snacks! Tiki Mike, Cheryl and Tami
053109tikiparty16 053109tikiparty17 053109tikiparty18
"TikiMango" Ray, "Retrotiki" Mike and Carolyn, and "TikiHardBop" George Suzy with Gracie Suzy with Gracie
053109tikiparty19 053109tikiparty20 053109tikiparty21
Steve watches the Magic with Wally "Retrotiki" Mike and Carolyn Christina and Jeff
053109tikiparty22 053109tikiparty23 053109tikiparty24
Suzy and Christina Steve and David, celebrating something - maybe the Orlando Magic's win Jeff plays the ukelele
053109tikiparty25 053109tikiparty26  
Jeff with his ukelele and teeny guitar From left, "Tornadotiki" Chris, Christina holding Gracie, Jimi, Tami, Michael

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