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April 10, 2010: The Tiki Show & Tell party at our place in Rockledge let people from central Florida who are going to the Hukilau ... and other friends and tikiphiles ... get to know one another. View these photos as a gallery.


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A fun crowd for Tiki Show & Tell. Torchlight on the deck. Hangin' on the tiki deck.
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Ed's Heads tikis mingle with paintings, bone carvings and a tiki guitar by Ray Reynolds. Leis and laughs. George shows Drew his tropical infusion liqueur, which happens to be in a Tyku bottle.
041010tiki07 041010tiki08 041010tiki09
Christina with a cool tiki mug she picked up at Ron Jon. Party snacks! Partygoers.
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Two artists - Ed of Ed's Heads and Ray "TikiMango" Reynolds. Steve and Gracie. I think we got Steve in this pose last year... Girl talk.
041010tiki13 041010tiki14 041010tiki15
Drew gets down to dog level. Nicole and Samantha the puppy. Tropical shirts abound.
041010tiki16 041010tiki17 041010tiki18
Kathryn and Suzy! The folks from DeTiki of Deland chat with George. Wally is sleepy after so much partying.
041010tiki19 041010tiki20 041010tiki21
Justin and Sarah of Deland Tiki with one of their cool carved purses. Steve prepares to quaff the tropical infusion. There it goes!
041010tiki22 041010tiki23 041010tiki24
Drink up! A view from the bar. A view from the bar.
041010tiki25 041010tiki26 041010tiki27
Your hosts, George (TikiHardBop) and Chris (TornadoTiki). Mixmaster Jimi. A lovely gift!
041010tiki28 041010tiki29 041010tiki30
One of Deland Tiki's cool purses. Cathy and Pam stop by. Making an entrance.
041010tiki31 041010tiki32 041010tiki33
Kathryn, Suzy and Mike. Kitchen crowd. Kathryn and Jimi.
041010tiki34 041010tiki35  
Jimi (stretching?) and Kathryn. Sleepers in the sink (tiki party cleanup).
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